The access control system has been designed in such a way as to enable maximum flexibility. Each gate house independently controls their own access and egress system. Sandown 1 gate house however is also able to monitor the access and egress at Blouberg Hills and Sandown 2 independently. Currently all 3 phases have both day and night guards (i.e. 24 hours).

Visitors are only allowed access into the estate if permitted/authorised by a resident. All domestic workers and gardeners have to be registered with security and recorded on the security register before being granted access into the estate. All domestic workers working on a permanent basis or for longer than a month have to be photographed and issued with an I.D. permit card which has to be worn at all times whilst on the Estate.

This card must be handed back to security when leaving the Estate.

Home Owners’ contact numbers are entered into the intercom system to enable security to make direct contact for access control or emergency purposes. This system works on an extension basis as residents contact numbers are confidential.

The upper section of all perimeter fencing and walling is secured with an electric fence, which is divided into various zones to enable the security personnel to pinpoint problematic areas.  There is also a 500mm concrete anti-dig barrier under all palisade fencing. Beams have also been installed on top of our fence perimeters at all three Estates.

All three Estates are monitored 24/7 from the Control Room and via Off-Site Monitoring by a CCTV camera system.

Originally purchasers were issued two remotes. This system has been upgraded to an access card system for better control as this allows us to control the access and disable cards if and when necessary.

Additional access cards can be purchased from the Estate Office after the completion and approval of an application.