01)       How much is the current monthly homeowner levy?

R1540 (vat exempt) + R20.80 (CSOS statutory levy) = R1560.80, due via debit order on the 1st of every month.


02)       What is monthly levy used for?

The monthly levy is budgeted for annually and covers predominantly the general costs of the operational management of the Estate.  Monthly costs include administration of accounts, security, repairs & maintenance, landscaping, staff remuneration etc.


03)       How much is the Endowment Levy?

It’s 0.5% of the Sales Price (property + home), payable to the HOA upon transfer of any property on the Estate.


04)       Who runs the Estate?

The Estate Manager, who along with his half-day assistant, is based in the Estate Office located in the Blouberg Hills gatehouse.  He is responsible for the daily management and operations of the Estate and reports directly to the Board of Trustees who makes all the decisions for the overall management of the Estate on behalf of its Members.


05)       How does a regular visitor or service provider get access to my home without security having to phone me for confirmation for access every time?

Add the person or company name to the ‘Access Without Confirmation List’ over your property, which can be done at 12h00 on Friday’s only, when the HOA updates security’s hard copy Contact Lists.  Practically this means they will still come to the Visitor’s Gate; inform security where he/she is going; supply their name and complete the Access Register … BUT can now tell security they’re ‘on the list’, which means security won’t have to call anyone for confirmation for access.  We can do this for all regular visitors or service providers (space allowing), the only downside being that they effectively have ‘free access’ to the Estate under the resident’s name, i.e. if someone uses this means of access of the Estate under your name/property, but goes to someone else, you’re responsible for the subsequent penalty.


06)       Who may waive or relax a penalty and/or Estate Rule?

Only the Board of Trustees; not security nor HOA staff (incl. Estate Manager).


07)       Who may amend or remove an Estate Rule or Contractor/Service Provider Rule?

According to the Constitution, a min. of ¾ of all Trustees have to approve any change to these rules.


08)       How many Trustees are there on the Board and who are they?

The HOA Constitution allows for a maximum of 7 and minimum of 3 Trustees.  The Trustees own property on the Estate and are nominated to the position at an AGM or co-opted by the current Board of Trustees upon the early departure of another Trustee.  A Chair and Vice-Chair is appointed by the Board during their first official meeting after the AGM and each Trustee is partly or wholly responsible for a Portfolio, including Security, Admin, Landscaping, Repairs & Maintenance, Finance, Building & Environment, Marketing & Communications.


09)       Why is there no warning before a fine/penalty is issued?

In the past a warning-before-fine system proved completely ineffective, open to bribery, time consuming and difficult to administer without additional staff resources, i.e. cost to the Estate.


10)       Verbal instructions are ineffectual and prone to misunderstanding, or get ‘lost’ when security officers rotate, so how do I issue an instruction to Security, eg. to grant someone access without phoning me?

Either write a message in the Resident’s Message Book in the Security Guardhouse (only valid until midnight on the day it’s recorded), or phone the Security Control Room on (021) 554 1430 to communicate your instruction to the Site Senior, who will record it in the Occurrence Book (OB), and in turn relay your instruction to the relevant guardhouse.


11)       What are the rules regarding solar panels, pool heating and air-conditioner installations?

i) Aircon units and solar geysers/tanks may not be mounted externally higher than 1200mm above natural ground level;

ii) Aircon units and solar geysers/tanks may not be visible from any road or POS (Private/Public Open Space), e.g. through a gate, palisade fence etc;

iii) Solar heating panels and/or tubes themselves may not be visible from any road or POS … insofar as possible … dependent on optimum installation location, agreed in advance with the HOA;

iv) Solar panels/tubes/pipes etc. may not extend above/higher than the roof profile, e.g. roof ridge, hip, parapet etc;

v) Solar panels/tubes must be installed at the same angle/pitch as the roof;

vi) Solar panels/frames may not have any stickers and/or advertising on them;

vii) Solar panels/frames must be matt charcoal grey … worst-case matt black;

viii) All exposed pipes on a roof must be matt charcoal grey … worst-case matt black;

ix) All surface-mounted pipes on walls etc. must either comprise or be concealed in uPVC conduits, secured perfectly horizontally and/or vertically, and be professionally primed and painted to exactly match the colour of the surface behind, to which it’s affixed.


12)       What are the rules regarding borehole/wellpoint and/or water storage tank etc. installations, incl. pumps?

i) Installations, tanks, filters (incl. on downpipes), pumps, tanks etc. may not be visible from any road or POS (Private/Public Open Space), e.g. through a gate, palisade fence etc;

ii) All pipes and conduits to be secured perfectly horizontally and/or vertically, i.e. re-directed/angled downpipes (to facilitate runoff into tanks etc.) may not be visible above screens or boundary walls;

iii) Tank colour/s to compliment the house colour insofar as possible, i.e. only ‘earthy’ colours permitted;

iv) NO white allowed, eg. all exposed pipes etc. must be painted to exactly match the wall colour behind.


13)       What colour may I paint my house, i.e. what are the permitted external wall colours on the Estate?

Paint codes have proven problematic over time with different manufacturers, codes being superseded etc, so we instead request you paint a few 1m x 1m swatches of preferred colours on your external walls for HOA approval before painting your entire house.  Often “we’re just going to paint it the existing colour” is even risky because the original colour will have faded and by painting it a lighter colour which will fade even more, the colour will effectively become non-compliant.  We can however advise that colours have to be ‘earthy’, muted and in a natural stone colour kind of range, i.e. off-whites, greys, yellows etc. not permitted … except for timber of course if stained as opposed to painted.  Oh yes, and the finish must be matt, NOT gloss/shiny…