Home Improvements

May we kindly remind you that there are certain procedures to follow when a homeowner appoints a contractor to undertake work on their property.

If your contractor is on site for more than 2 days, he/she will need a Contractor Vehicular Access Permit (available from the estate office) to gain access from day 3.

If your contractor needs to be on site for more than 6 days, in addition to the above-mentioned permit a Contractor’s Agreement must be signed and the Monthly Builder’s Levy (currently R240.00) is due the HOA.

We recommend you rather have any and every contractor visit the estate office for said Access Permit as it’s for your own ‘protection’ (although the homeowner is ultimately liable anyway) as it lists hours of work and fines applicable for disobeying the Contractor’s Agreement, e.g. R5 000 for walking on the estate!

The last thing we want is for the homeowner to be liable for a R5K fine because the contractors says: “Eish, I didn’t know!”.