Entrance Gate Closure 24/7

Further to our Members’ instruction to remedy our pedestrian access problem by closing our entrance gates 24/7, we’re pleased to inform residents that the Sandown 2 trial run has been a huge success … thanks to which we’ve carried the gate closure over to Blouberg Hills, with a few gremlins keeping us busy until we’re finally confident enough to attempt it at Sandown 1.

Many thanks for all the positive feedback, but by all means please feel free to also revert with suggestions … as long as one of them isn’t to increase the opening and closing speeds of the gates 🙂

To avoid “tailgating” by a vehicle, pedestrians must please either walk through the guardhouse or use their access card to enter or exit via the pedestrian gate, as opposed to using the vehicle gates.

As the gates’ safety mechanism is a beam mounted on the brick piers/columns (as opposed to loops in the road for the booms) we recommend you don’t ‘dawdle’ too long before entry as we’d really hate to have to disentangle your prize 4×4 from the gates … and charge you for the repairs – to add insult to injury.