Design Guidelines

BBREHOA – Big Bay Residential Estate HOA (Home Owners Association)

Included in the Information File are two sets of architectural design guidelines namely: the Big Bay Development Framework Design Guidelines and the BBREHOA Design Guidelines.

The Big Bay Development Framework Design Guidelines are broad-based guidelines that control the architectural language of all buildings developed on any property within the Big Bay Development.

The BBREHOA Design Guidelines are specifically for the BBREHOA.  These guidelines are more specific and detailed and must be used in conjunction with the Big Bay Development Framework Design Guidelines when designing and building your home.

Mean Site Level (MSL) – In terms of the guidelines a mean site level is calculated for each erf in the Estate. An 8m height restriction is measured vertically from the MSL as a horizontal line (i.e. it does not follow the contours of the property). Contours and levels are available on the following website:

The design guidelines are enforced strictly and no deviations are permitted. Occupation certificates and consents from the BBREHOA to transfer properties in the event of a sale are withheld in the event of non compliance.

The design guidelines also include certain environmental regulations and good house-keeping practices that must be adhered to by all contractors.

All visible finishes not adequately specified in the Design Guidelines need to be confirmed with Estate Management. This includes any point in the Design Guidelines manual where it is not specific or where there is difficulty in the interpretation. The onus rests solely on the Property Owner to query any vagueness with Estate Management. The Estate will not be liable or be held responsible for any deviations.

The BBREHOA does not sanction any deviations, whether mentioned in this document or not.  Should any such deviation/s have been overlooked by the BBREHOA representative/s when signing the BBREHOA Completion Certificate document, the BBREHOA reserves the right to enforce the compliance with the Guidelines at any time in the future.